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Shark Premium SC630D Portable Steam Pocket

While there are many different models of handheld steamers, few have the versatility to go from steaming garments to cleaning a variety of different surfaces, upholstery, stairs, ceiling fan blades, and even oven hoods. If you want a quality steamer that does all of this and more, then the Shark-premium-portable-steam-pocket-sc630d is the one for you.

This is one versatile multipurpose cleaning tool with plenty of attachments, two quick release wands, and a 30” extension hose. This is a tool that is able to clean almost the entire house. It has different specific job pocket tools, that produce clean and excellently sanitized surfaces, with the right amount of steam and temperatures. The different sized pockets cover both small as well as large areas. Large area pocket wedge provides four cleaning sides. The narrow cylinder pockets get into the tightest areas. There are dusters, and this system includes the concentrator nozzle, bristle brushes, garment steamer, and other steaming tools.

This is both a small and powerful steamer, yet is able to go wherever you need to. The patented technology gives you the ability to not just clean surfaces, but sanitize, as well as deodorize as well. It is able to get rid of 99% of all bacteria and germs, including salmonella, ecoli, and even H1N1, just to name a few. It is chemical free, uses just clean tap water, and is ready to go in just 25 seconds. Expect to pay about $75 from top online retailers.

No matter what you need it for, the Shark-premium-portable-steam-pocket-sc630d is there for you. It is one appliance that you will use over and over again, for a multitude of reasons. It has a large easy to fill container, and is shaped to fit in your hand comfortably.

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