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The Rowenta DR5020 Ultasteam Ultra

The Rowenta Handheld steamer is a wonderful tool for those who just don't like to iron, but still need to look their best. The Rowenta-DR5020 Ultasteam Ultra is highly effective for removing wrinkles in just about any fabric. There is an electrical pump that provides a continuous flow, and the reservoir is quick and easy to fill. It also comes with a removable brush that opens up the material fibers for better steam penetration, while still protecting your fabrics.

It has a variable steam controller, for different types of garments, as well as a removable lint pad. This pad picks up hair, lint and other small particles so they don't get steamed as well. With it's ergonomic design you can hold it and use it for clothes that are already on a hangar, or even on drapes. It comes with a removable water tank that is easy to fill, and a bag for traveling. This product is UL listed, and sell for $29.95 at all your major small appliance outlets. It also comes with a one year limited warranty.

There of course some pros as well as cons to using the Rowenta-DR5020 handheld steamer. While the water heats up quickly, and is easy to use, it is also hard to tell how far awhile you need to hold the head from the garment. It may be a little more expensive that other products, but it is well worth it. You can order this product through Amazon, and with the preferred customer program, you will be able to get free shipping with this or any other order above $25.

There are also other Rowenta handheld steamer models to choose from, and your best bet for prices and selection is going to be to go online.

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