Jiffy Esteam Garment Steamer


The Jiffy Esteam is Perfect for travel and apartment living with limited storage.


The Esteam Travel Steamer really carves out its own niche as a compact, easy-to-use travel garment steamer. Just add 8 ounces of tap water and in just seconds you can start removing wrinkles from your clothing. Perfect for pressing suits, dresses, or any fabric garment while traveling for business or pleasure.

Designed for simple operation, the Jiffy Esteam comes with no attachments. Just add water and go. Aside from ease of use, the big advantage here is its compact size at 10.5 inches by 5 inches. You can easily pack the Jiffy Esteam into your suitcase or carry on bag and give up a minimum amount of space.

For travel overseas, The Jiffy Esteam is available with a variety of different voltage plugs, saving you the need for a travel adapter, or worse – the hotel room iron – with which you always run the risk of damaging your garments.

Great for tight living quarters, you can store this little handheld garment steamer in a drawer or shelf easily, rather than give up your closet to the ironing board. Steam your clothes right on the hangar in just a couple minutes with a steady, strong flow of wrinkle busting steam.

The Jiffy Esteam costs about $20 more than comprable portable handheld steamers, but rises to the top our list for its simplicity, compact size and weight, and steady flow of steam. Expect to pay in the $70 range from top online discount retailers. In our opinion, It’s a good solid product for people who travel a lot or live in tight quarters.

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