Handheld Steamer

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Essential Hand Held Steamer Info

A hand held steamer is an easy to use, easy to set up, alternative to a traditional steam iron. Hand held steamers are perfect for soft fabrics like cotton. Garments that are more difficult to press, like suit jackets, are perfectly suited for hand held steamers.

The key benefit to using a hand held garment steamer is convenience. De-wrinkle your clothes right on the hanger - no clumsy ironing board necessary. For people who travel regularly, steam irons and ironing boards just aren't practical, and handheld steamers fit the bill perfectly.

When searching for the best handheld steamer, you want to look for a couple things. first, pick one that produces steady continuous steam, avoid models that deliver your steam in puffs. Second, and equally important, choose a model that is lightweight and maneuverable... you don't want to get a workout - you just want clean, wrinkle-free clothes to wear.

There are a few downsides to keep in mind if you are considering replacing your conventional steam iron. Handheld steamers generally have more difficulty with removing sharp creases, and aren't as effective with crisper fabrics. So, if your trying to de-wrinkle your dress shirt in a hotel room after stuffing it into your suitcase, you might be better off just calling the concierge and having it pressed!

Here are some leading models of handheld garment steamers to look at to get the lay of the land while you shop around:

Rowenta Ultra Steam (Price $50)

Ample supply of steam each time the button is pressed. Refill frequently. Lightweight and easy to use.

Ingenious Designs My Little Steamer (Price $40)

A lot like an electric kettle, this little powerhouse produces a steady flow of steam - no button to press. Produces the most steam of the continuous type steamers, and comes with 4" and 8" attachments.

Top Innovations Steam Fast Fabric Steamer and Iron (Price $80)

Less portable and more suited to a laundry room, this model also serves as a steam iron. Wall mount or place on a tabletop, we like this one because you dont have to lift the water tank, just the nozzle.

Rowenta Pro Compact Model (Price $90)

Design for use in the home rather than portability, the Rowenta falls in a category between professional steamers (on wheels with a hanger) and the portable models. The Rowenta produces ample steam and is a continuous style model. Works best if the tank remains on the floor.

Jiffy Esteam (Price $69)

More expensive for what you get. Ample sized water tank and easy to travel with. The advantage here is that the Jiffy esteem is very lightweight and portable. It comes with no attachments.

Conair Deluxe Hand Held Fabric Steamer (Price $44)

If you are looking for a combo handheld steamer/iron for travel, you can't beat this Conair model. Compact size, Top mounted water tank is easy to remove and refill, and a nice little kickstand to keep the hot iron off any surface. Best thing here? It's dual voltage for overseas use, so if you travel regularly, this is the hand held steamer for you.

Hand Held Steamer Pros

Finding the best garment steamer can be a challenge. We are here to help you with product reviews, recommendations and great deals on handheld steamers.